Sep. 15th, 2016

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AT LAST THEY HAVE A RELEASE DATE!!!!!!  I am thirsty af for new Onmyo-za music.  It's been two years since their last album, but it seems like decades.  Well new albums get made as and when they do and well to get to thirteen albums now....I'm just glad they are still going strong!

I'm really interested in this teaser picture too, since the lead singer/composer does all the art concepts from his own hand drawn sketches to the finished artwork on the CD boxes it is always fun to see the hints he is dropping.

This is a Karyo-Binga which the album is named after, a fantastical character that sings in Nirvana.  Matatabi always loves to dress his "singing partner* adored wife as a fantastical creature for his concept artwork.  So waiting for the full artwork as always is going to be interesting, especially if you are a fan of his previous creations

Snake goddess

Nine tails

"Fujin" or wind goddess

Grand Phoenix

amongst others.  Preorders are up now, but I'm waiting to see if there are any good pre-order bonus goods to tempt me to any particular shop.


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