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Ready for the start of school tomorrow.

I have a day off, well for a couple of hours anyhow.  Hope it all goes okay.

Found this for sale on CD Japan, I had the 1987 tape demo from this Japanese band a long time ago and wondered if they were still going.  Apparently YES! This CD was only released last week! after a huge break.  I am going to probably save up for it when I can ^__^  In short, they are some of the very earliest kind of visual kei.  Their demo can be found here

while here is a vid of their song "Lorelei".

I got into VK originally through the goth and rock scene, so it's great to know the original music is still rolling nicely, Morrie, Buck-Tick, Rolly and D'erlanger...(okay none really are VK anymore but they all came through the scene back in the day) are still doing good so that's cool.  I don't know what has happened to most VK, everything started to go very much unlikable for me as soon as Mana decided he wanted to put thrash-metal drumming (super fast and aggressive) into pretty music, then Kamijo followed....and then the move to do screaming vocals in EVERYTHING, no I do not blame the Nagoya scene...screaming was always pretty tasteful like Kuroyume, 9goats etc.  So in short it's harder to find anything I like anymore, although D (Hiroki is fantastic) is still old-schooly and a couple of newer bands are promising, strangely enough, several oshare scene bands produce music that is much closer to the old kote-kei music than a lot of the modern VK which is now just sounding like western metal with Japanese lyrics. Do not want.

They are back, after a break because their awesome lead singer was kicking the shit out of and defeating cancer.  I adore them.  Steam-punk with extra punk.  Clever lyrics, lots of fun and amazingly fun music. Listen here Love the fact that they are proud feminists too!

Love this lady, Beatrice (Coeur de Pirate) sings in both French and English so you can choose which you prefer.  I am not a huge person for lyrics, but her words really touch me which is very rare. Love her aesthetics, just love love love.


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