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Hyper-huge-mega-declutter.  Half of the clothes in the house have been washed/dried and given away, a quarter washed and put in the cabinet and the other quarter washed/dried and put away for occasionals and hot/super cold days.

I found some amazing old pirated Japanese DVDs that I forgot I owned.  Back in the day it was nigh on impossible to work out what you wanted from websites even though Mandrake Root guys emailed in English - it was a very slow process and dropping £100 on a preorder DVD/VHS that might be crap was wayyyy too risky for me.  So I used to buy what were described as "used" Japanese DVDs from e-bay which were official releases (so I thought at the time - the whole "officially released shrink-wrapped item" spiel seemed legit).  I played them to death, but with the expansion of the internet and actual Japanese websites with pictures and serial numbers to check - I realised I had been duped and in time bought real copies of nearly all of the pirate ones that I still enjoy now.  The quality was pretty horrendous, but it got me dropping hell of a lot more than £100 at a time on Japanese music *___*.

One of my friends is asking me to go back on to tumblr because they miss my posts and the comics blog.  Well, I feel much better being away from tumblr actually.  I got fed up curating the comic blog because the release lists are easily available now, there are good legal download sites and I got fed up of having endless requests for illegal download site addresses in my inbox.  Hilarious when so many fanart makers get butthurt that I won't send them other artists work for free!  I've mailed spare comics to people, got them sent previews/free comic book day things, scanned a few pages etc but when people ask me for an entire run of a character from 1965 until today (literally thousands of pages) l think it's taking the piss.  I don't even have that much stuff!  Paid or not, comic writers are rarely rich people (I know I am related to one who has been drawing for a weekly UK comic for 8 years and still can't afford a mortgage).  Samples and a few downloads to work out what you like is okay, but having no intention of ever buying and wanting everything, nope not going to enable you there buddy.

Personally though, I don't engage in fandom, I don't post art or create anything to share (apart from an odd post now and then) so apart from that it's politics, mostly US politics that I don't feel like participating in or have enough reliable information to base an opinion on.  I do my SJ stuff in RL the way it suits me which is practical stuff, not reposting on a website which is basically singing to the choir.  Plus a fair amount of stuff from my friends and followers are opinions or political stances that I do not agree with.  Seriously, people who I have known for years would freak the fuck out if they knew some of my ethical stances and opinions even if we agree on 90% of issues, the other 10% that I hold dear would probably be unforgivable.  The amount of shit I got for the panda post was an eye-opener to say the least!


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